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pichonka Restaurant in Nes Harim


Steakhouse, Breakfast, Grill, Fish, Hamburger



A different world –  Just a 40 minute drive from Tel Aviv, 10 minutes from Jerusalem.
Forget everything you knew about going to a restaurant…hard, right? To just climb out of the box and realize that dinner can also be an experience! At Pichonka we merged and melded with all the good around us from the menu to the very edge of the view from the balcony located on the side of the mountain. If you’re starting to get an idea of what we have in store for you, you should already give us a call and get reservations for dinner at sunset. 
So what’s on the menu?
We purchase most of the ingredients from local sources and let them shine on our menu, from the meat and eggs to the za’atar (hyssop) and other spices. On the menu you will find a variety of breakfasts, sweet and spicy vegetarian and meat appetizers, as well as our taboon-baked house focaccia with home-pickled olive oil, fresh za’atar (hyssop) and garlic grown nearby. There are also various meat sandwiches in ciabatta bread and salads, but mainly – mains that include quality meat and fresh fish. 
Where do we go from here?
It’s hard to recreate the experience of a perfect menu and view elsewhere, the only option is just to come here again. Want to experience a nightly meal at Pichonka, you can get a deal on a hotel in the area and reserve a table. 

Pichonka at Nes Harim – an experience of flavors and landscape. 

Address: Nes Harim
Phone: 053-9385969
Opening Hours:
11:00-Two hours before the Shabbat begins
Private room
Handicapped Access
Smoking area

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Address: Nes Harim
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